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RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - IttRaXx - Apr 11, 2012

I have always loved this plugin.

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - X.RaMiN - Apr 11, 2012

(Apr 11, 2012, 08:35 PM)Slider Wrote:
(Apr 11, 2012, 08:21 PM)X.RaMiN Wrote: how i can i get in in order?! ( sry i couldnt find any answer to that )

I don't think there's a way for that, except for when you create each tab.

So that's what I just do, I'd just delete & remake the tabs to re-order them the way I want.

it realy is pain in the ass man i delete and & remake them like 30 times i think.. and now they are in order the wierd thing is every time it goes some where one time middle on time first tab... next update shoud have the order feature

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Stefan - Apr 12, 2012

Doesnt work on my theme..

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - CC_Sayuri - Apr 13, 2012

nice work!

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - labrocca - Apr 13, 2012

(Apr 12, 2012, 09:33 AM)Stefan Wrote: Doesnt work on my theme..

Then you set it up wrong. It will work on any theme.

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - RedKarma - Apr 14, 2012

So, noob question... how do i put the Tabbed.css from the extras folder into my site so my tabs dont look like this...
[Image: n3QIX.jpg]

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Odin - Apr 15, 2012

You can copy-paste the contents to global, or create a new file called "tabbed.css" and copy-paste the contents into it. Then, append it globally.

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Madness - Apr 17, 2012

Ermm.. what just happened :3

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Stefan - Apr 19, 2012

One problem an ordering system, apart from that brilliant plugin

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Oliver Evans - Apr 19, 2012

I found ordering easier on the older plugin to be honest, as you didnt need to have a catergory in a tab when setting them up.
Im still not sure how the tabs order themselves, there will be a pattern, it will be something based on the forum order in the forum settings.