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RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - PrivateDonut336 - Sep 26, 2014

I have been using this plugin for awhile now. Tongue

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - HecticMate - Oct 02, 2014

I haven't used this plugin before, i'm tempted to but don't think my forum will need it yet however it's such a useful plugin.

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Peefer - Nov 23, 2014

(Feb 18, 2013, 12:04 PM)Cunning Wrote: I installed the plugin and the tabs don't work.
It shows all my categories on the first tab and it's
impossible to click the other tabs.
They add a # to my browser also.

I am having a similar issue with this. However I am using 1.8

Anyone here get it to work with 1.8?

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - erin - Dec 18, 2014

I cannot get this to work. It installed okay, the tabs show up, but everything is still on my "index page", and nothing happens when I click the tabs. I have gone over the troubleshooting, and everything is where it should be......I'm not sure what to do.

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Crash Override - Jan 23, 2015

I as well would like to get this working with 1.8.
I cannot seem to find another option - unless it is manually coding it into the template that is not managed by plugin configurations.

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Internet Boobs - Jan 25, 2015

wow man this looks awesome!

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - ollie2015 - Feb 01, 2015

thanks very much

How can I use it for 1.8?

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Zens - Feb 03, 2015

Eh, looks dope.. Gonna check it out!

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - UnfedZombie - Feb 08, 2015

Thanks dude withouth these my forum is annoying on the homepage

RE: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2 - Warryur - Feb 09, 2015

thank you!