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My Ad Manager v1.2 - Xerotic - Dec 17, 2011

By downloading and using this software you agree to the terms of this license:

Plugin Name: My Ad Manager
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.2
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 2
Plugin Description: This will create 4 ad zones.

Ad Zones:
1. Headerinlude - This if perfect for inline ad systems like Kontera where you need to add script tags inside head.
2. Top Ad - This is in the header template underneath the navigation bar.
3. Inline Ads - These are ads between posts.
4. Footer Ad - This is in the footer template above the bottom navigation bar.

Each display zone also has a class defined for css control. You will need to alter your theme to add the following classes only if you want to alter them this way.

Zone CSS Classes:
1. Header = headerad{}
2. Inline = inlinead{}
3. Footer = footerad{}

This plugin allows for exemptions by group or forum id for EACH zone.


1. Upload the files from the zip


2. Login to your admincp and INSTALL & ACTIVATE the plugin (My Ad Manager) in the plugin manager.

3. You will see a new setting group inside admincp settings called "My Ad Manager".

4. Change the settings to suit your needs. By default all ads are off.

Change Log
Version 1.2:
-Added full language support.
-Added INSTALL/UNINSTALL functions.
-MyBB 1.6.5 functionality.


If ads are not being displayed inline (between posts) try this.
At the very end of both the postbit and posbit_classic template add this:


Also check your settings to make sure everything is enabled. Check that settings.php is writable (chmod 666).



If you are using a version of this plugin created before My Ad Manager v1.2, you will need to DEACTIVATE the one you are currently using and INSTALL & ACTIVATE the current version.


RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - Philly - Jan 11, 2012

Thank you so much for this. My upgraded members thank you I guarantee it. Smile

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - Bdoom - Jan 15, 2012

nice advertisement plugin

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - DOOM - Jan 21, 2012

This works great.

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - RzGBlade - Jan 30, 2012

Thank you so much, works amazing.

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - skindu26 - Feb 03, 2012

Is it possible to restrict only non-premium users can see the ads and premium users don't see them

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - labrocca - Feb 03, 2012

(Feb 03, 2012, 02:03 AM)skindu26 Wrote: Is it possible to restrict only non-premium users can see the ads and premium users don't see them

Yes. It's a setting for exempt groups.

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - manchester10 - Feb 12, 2012

I'm not sure why but this won't exclude groups for me, i've excluded my upgraded members but ads still show for them.

Any tips?
Ignore me, looks like its working....

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - datchison - Mar 04, 2012

Awesome plugin Smile Thanks for this.

RE: My Ad Manager v1.2 - creativefreak - Mar 05, 2012

Works great! Nice plugin!