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RE: My Awards 2.4 - dacads2 - Jun 16, 2017


RE: My Awards 2.4 - Chainzs - Jun 21, 2017

Question here Jesse, I have been using your plugin since it was first released all the way back and I just updated from 1.x to the newer version today..
Everything was looking fine on my forums until I tried to open up the 'module' itself (Users & Groups/MyAwards)..When I click on MyAwards, it just sends me back to my MyBB Home/Dashboard page.

What can I do ? any idea ?
(I am still working on this.. If I find a way to fix this I will post it here in case it happens to someone else..)


Found a way around... it shows a - instead of a / up there in the address ..

/admin/index.php?module=user-awards (not working)

/admin/index.php?module=user/awards (this one works)

It's still there the - when I try to add or grant an award to my members.. each times I need to manually put the / ... No idea why but I can live with that :o)
hrm.. maybe not..can't add new medals or grant anything to anyone..

Working now.. had to change all the - to / in the myawards.php file .. and there's a shitload of them in there Smile

$page->add_breadcrumb_item("My Awards", "index.php?module=user/awards");
instead of
$page->add_breadcrumb_item("My Awards", "index.php?module=user-awards");

RE: My Awards 2.4 - LangePoes - Jun 22, 2017

thank you for this gem.

RE: My Awards 2.4 - Privacy - Jun 23, 2017

Thanks! Nice plugin.

RE: My Awards 2.4 - SuchJustinn - Jul 02, 2017

Thanks for this, exactly what I needed tbh.

RE: My Awards 2.4 - Jill - Jul 29, 2017

This looks great! Thank you for posting!

RE: My Awards 2.4 - Holmes - Aug 01, 2017

This is a good plugin! Very useful!

RE: My Awards 2.4 - Compulsory - Aug 05, 2017

Thanks a bunch for this

RE: My Awards 2.4 - kacsj - Aug 11, 2017

1.8 compatibility?

RE: My Awards 2.4 - recoStar - Aug 18, 2017

This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1.8.12

Any work around to this?