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Youtube MyCode - labrocca - Nov 08, 2006

This mod is for the mycode.

Activate it within the admincp.

It uses this format:


UPDATED to v 1.1 now including shorter tags...


Both will work.

That's the url for the video. Works in IE, Firefox, and Opera.


RE: Youtube MyCode - XxAnimusxX - Dec 29, 2006

is it possible to limitate the amount of youtube.vidoes posted in the respective thread?
u know it wont look good at all when 5~6 videos are posted in one thread, so they will
most likely drown out each other..... :/

RE: Youtube MyCode - labrocca - Dec 31, 2006

Youtube videos don't automatically play. Loading 5-6 isn't a problem onto a single thread.

RE: Youtube MyCode - XxAnimusxX - Jan 01, 2007

yeah i noticed that in the offtopic thread where some of the youtube-codes are written.
Hmz, is it possible to assign myCodes to a certain forum and deactivate the usage of them in other forums?
So i want to allow the usage of youtube-codes in the offtopic forum, but i dont want them be posted in the main-forum of my board.

RE: Youtube MyCode - labrocca - Jan 03, 2007

Yeah that's very possible but of course would require more code...lots more code. You can easily hack the code and assign an IF statement yourself into the plugin php file. What's the fid (forum id) of your off-topic area?

RE: Youtube MyCode - XxAnimusxX - Jan 03, 2007

hmz fid heh... i dont really know how i get this information, but the Number is 5 ^_^
(sry im really new in this)

RE: Youtube MyCode - raspik - Mar 11, 2007

and if it is on host like that doesn't have any FTP can I use it?

RE: Youtube MyCode - raspik - Mar 11, 2007

or is it possible to do something else?

RE: Youtube MyCode - AHC - Apr 05, 2007

Thx Labrocca I installed this plug in. However it doesnt appear with an icon code in topic start or reply as icons insert image or link etc. So have just added in text [youtube]..[/youtube] is this how it was meant to be?

RE: Youtube MyCode - labrocca - Apr 06, 2007 manually add the youtube's not difficult if you wish to make them into a button. I prefer not to mess with the bbcode editor.