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L33T board

Hello, I am the admin from L33Tboard
Its a forum about monetizing, hacking, gaming and alot more!
Sign up and enjoy HQ tutorials and giveaways!

It would be nice if you tell me what you think about it!

Join now:

RE: blackhat forum - N30_Th3_H4ck3r - May 04, 2012

thanks for the info man...

RE: blackhat forum - USN - May 04, 2012

Oh look. Another C&P.

RE: blackhat forum - Louis Richardson - May 05, 2012


My Review on your website :
That is my review on your website, if you need further more information about what I think, please message me.

RE: blackhat forum - Bloo - May 05, 2012

I agree with Louis. The theme seems to dark for my personal liking.
The logo isn't impressing & the tabs would look better styled.

It's not bad though.

RE: blackhat forum - Ccucu - May 05, 2012


The contrast between the dark background and the bright icons is too much for me. In a few second my eyes started to hurt.
The tabs are nice but try stylizing the tab names, the way they are now they are not atttracting the user to make a click

RE: blackhat forum - SouR'D - May 06, 2012

Theme is very overused ....
Try working with a custom theme

RE: blackhat forum - riggedreality - Jun 09, 2016

website is dead

RE: blackhat forum - GodFather - Jun 20, 2016

the forum is offline dude close the thread !