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new openID Plugin - pluto - May 12, 2012


the current one only allows for openID as single source of authentication. This very well for new boards.

We have a few thousands are in the process to switch to an openID based solution. Before we start coding the myBB plugin as well, I'd ask if there is a general interest for such a thing.


* local users still supported
* mapping of parameters from the openID to the user account (Parameter to membership in groups of same name)
* migration script (local users click on a link, get their account converted to an openID based authentication)



RE: new openID Plugin - aventura - Jun 04, 2012

I'd be very interested in this, especially if twitter and facebook were included [I know they aren't OpenID Smile] as I find current solutions for twitter and facebook to be a bit lacklustre. These things would be better to either be after the TOS page (ie. click register>accept TOS>Provider or fill in form?) or to be collated in a button next to register (say "social login" that opens a modal box allowing you to choose the correct service - but with a tickbox to say TOS read. Smile

Anyway, just my thoughts