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Auto add theme - anxtrist - May 22, 2012

Can you make it the same as this plugin so it has the same style as the theme?

RE: Auto add theme - Oliver Evans - May 22, 2012

Firstly, the plugin here is called Tabbed Menu, so I shall talk in terms of that plugin Smile

The selected tab by default is the images/thead_bg.gif images, so if your themes thead image is in that location, the plugin will pick that image for the selected tab automatically.

The background tabs are a colour thats coded to match the standard mybb theme. You could technically pick the background colour to match an already existant rule, for example tcat, but whats to say that this colour would not make the tabs look odd or hard to read.

The easiest way to make the tabs look good is to learn the very basics of CSS and change the colours yourself and follow guides online to get effects and styles.