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Account Switcher - ashkir - Jun 06, 2012

This Account Switcher on MyBB is simple and okay, , however, it breaks easily, is in beta, and, hasn't worked since the April 23rd MyBB release. It isn't as powerful as the most powerful one.

I'm part of a community of people whom use role players, people are flocking over to SMF in droves because their SubAccounts system is by far the best.

I'd like to see an advanced, and, good one for MyBB. With these features:

- SubAccounts (assign accounts to a parent account).
- Dropdown Switch (switch accounts easily with a drop down).
- Share Accounts (allow two people to share one sub account)
- Show SubAccounts on parent's profile.
- Show Parent account on SubAccount's profile.
- Dual Postcounts (parent post count and a parent + subaccounts)
- Modify post to change poster (in case we post as wrong account).
- Drop down while posting to let us select which account to use.

Basically a merge of those two addons, SMF's is considered by far the best, but, it's very buggy (as it hasn't been updated). MyBB's no longer works. This is a feature RPers badly want, and has become so popular that even free forum hosts, like JCink, and ProBoards are building it into their software natively.

RE: Account Switcher - sova174 - Mar 02, 2017

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RE: Account Switcher - Desy83 - Oct 26, 2017

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RE: Account Switcher - kajj88 - Oct 27, 2017

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RE: Account Switcher - NachoV - Dec 26, 2017

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