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Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - labrocca - Mar 05, 2008

License is GNU/GPL attached inside extras folder.

Plugin Name: Ficons (Forum Icons)
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.2
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 3
Plugin Description: This plugin will add forum icons to your index page and subforum index pages.


1. Upload the files from the zip
2. Chmod the uploads/ficons folder 777.
3. Login to your admincp and ACTIVATE the plugin (Ficons) in the plugin manager.
4. You will see a new option in the admin under "Forum Management" for "Forum Icons". The rest is self explanatory.

This plugin currently offers no language support.


Troubleshooting: In case of custom templates you might need to manually edit them. There are 3 templates used:

forumbit_depth1_cat -Need the colspan to be 6 instead of 5.
forumbit_depth2_forum - Needs the first TD to be repeated.
forumdisplay_subforums - Needs the first TD to be repeated.

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - judel - Mar 06, 2008

So many people have requested this, so it's nice that someone finally created the plugin. I'm sure you'll be appreciated for this, Labrocca. Big Grin

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - labrocca - Mar 06, 2008

Well....feel free to use it. It's come out really nice imho and should be easy to implement. If you need icons let me know. I have a few places and packages I grab mine from.

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - Nakama - Mar 06, 2008

nice Labrocca, its all that i need.
thanks. Smile
but i need a post anymore to download it. Big Grin

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - aglioeolio - Mar 06, 2008

Thanks labrocca

This feature under Admin Cpanel is awesome

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - professorskylolo - Mar 06, 2008

please i downloaded about 10 times but it is saying that the file is corrupted.pless cud u check it out?

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - labrocca - Mar 06, 2008

Well that can't be true since so far the file has only been downloaded a total of 8 times. What's your browser and OS? What do you use to unzip the file? Obviously others are getting the zip just fine.

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - wildroo - Mar 06, 2008

Nice one again labrocca this ia a very neat and useful plugin thanks

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - labrocca - Mar 06, 2008

Thank you. I really enjoy making useful plugins.

RE: Forum Icons ( Ficons ) - FirefoxWiz - Mar 06, 2008

Looks cool! I might use this one too. Smile