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anyone here like anime?
Anyone here like anime?
Yes i like only some animes. They are useful when we are bored.
I watch a lot of anime but don't like all of it.
Naruto is my fav Big Grin
I used to watch a lot before but not so much anymore.

The ones I used to watch and would recommend are:

- Death Note (A guy finds a lost notebook belonging to a Death God. If a person's name is written on it, he/she will die)

- Skip Beat! (A girl gets cheated on by a popular musician. She then enters the entertainment world to get revenge)

- Ergo Proxy (Set in a post-apocalyptic world, where humans and androids live peacefully in a closed city. An inspector investigates a strange series of murder)
I never really watched these kind of tv
I love anime. I love the movie Death Note and anime itself.

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