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IPN Paypal Subscriptions
I have it installed on my test forum. So when you would visit my regular forum, instead of typing /forum, type /testforum instead. I'll even make you a Super Mod there, so you can access it in ACP. Big Grin Yes, I have a verified business paypal account, and the subscription started just fine. Paypal handled the transaction the way it was supposed to, but nothing changed on my forum. Feel free to check my settings.

edit: Had you tested a one day subscription? That's what I was testing. Maybe it didn't recognize it? I'll try it again and make it two days.

Also, does the person wanting to be subscribed have to have a business account, or can they have a personal account? Since I doubt most people would have a business or premiere account. Considering the subscription started just fine on paypal, I wouldn't think this is the case anyway.

edit again: Another question that just occurred to me. When you say that the paypal address has to be my primary email, do you mean that it must match the email address I use on my forum? That'll be a pain, since I use my website address for that, which isn't the same as my paypal account.

another edit: Nope, that didn't make any difference. I even made sure that my test user's email matched the paypal account used. A PM isn't sent out either. Nothing changes on the forum, but the subscription got started in all my attempts. I'll just hold off until you have a chance to take a look.

Also, I just remembered that when I started the subsciption here, my email address here isn't the same as my paypal account. Duh, too bad I didn't remember that before I changed everything. LOL
Alright Jude..grab 1a version.

You don't need to deactivate or reinstall. Just overwrite the files.

The problem was because your name is "Jude's Place" and I didn't escape the name. That's fixed now and all input is actually sanitized making it more secure.

I advise everyone upgrade to latest beta.
#23's always something you don't expect, huh? Tongue Okey dokey, I'll try the new version and let you know! Thanks...

also, would you mind editing your post and snipping the name of my site? I'd appreciate it. Big Grin
btw...if you doing testing you can do it here:

You can create a test buyer and test seller.

Then you can change the myipn.php to mode 2 (you will see it on top of file).

Oh and also change the $form in the subscribe page. From to

Make sure once you are done testing you change everything back.
I just tested it again, and still nothing different on my forum. Thanks for letting me know about the test site, since everytime I do a live test, paypal is stealing the entire amount in fees. LOL

edit: I guess nothing is ever easy. I'm trying the sandbox, but when I hit login with my new test user, I get the following error:
The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.

Is there something else I need to change in the files?
Alright if the links invalid then paypal has a problem with some variable you are sending them.

Oh I just thought of you have IPN enabled in your paypal account?

I have had IPN enabled so long I forgot you might have to enable it.

That should be the link for you to enable.

Also you don't need a notify_url because it's sent with the form. That allows you to run multiple sites with IPN with different notifications urls.

Let me look at the code to make sure I didn't screw up the form in some way.

ADD: Looked and seen the problem. Fixed a syntax error in the ROOT/myipn.php so just upload that one file again.

You can test if the syntax error is fixed by going to it in your browser. If you get a blank page then there are no php syntax errors. I should have checked that before uploading bad. I was in a hurry today.
I only got the invalid link after I did as you asked and changed the info for the sandbox site. I never got that from the actual paypal site.

edit: OK, I enabled IPN (thanks for the link). The instructions were 82 pages, which I didn't want to read, so I just went ahead and enabled it and left the URL blank as instructed. Since I can't get the sandbox to work without that invalid link error, I'll just change everything back and test it the regular way again.

edit: FINALLY! went through this time! Phew!

And as an update. After I canceled the subscription, I did get notification of the cancellation in the ACP, but the test member was not downgraded to specified group. Sad
judel Wrote:And as an update. After I canceled the subscription, I did get notification of the cancellation in the ACP, but the test member was not downgraded to specified group. Sad

But cancellation doesn't negate the subscription. Let's say you have a 1 year subscription and you cancel it after a month. You still have 11 months of subscription left. That's how it's suppose to work.

The subscr_eot is for when that 1 year is up.

I notice you are trying to do it by day...personally I think that's screwy. The 25 cents per day charge will cost you a lot in paypal fees. You shouled be charging a minimum of $5 for what you feel is an appropriate time frame.
I have been waiting for this plugin Smile
Just an FYI that I am considering some great ways to improve this plugin.

For one I will probably add a way for members to buy other members subscriptions. This was common at my last site that used subscriptions. People would use them for prizes in contests even. Sometimes people just wanted to be generous.

Another is a one-time membership fee. The subscription service doesn't allow for "unlimited" time so the form would need to be seperate but I see how I can do it fairly easily.

The next change would be for multiple subscriptions. Let's say you want to have a trial period. Or many you want to have a Gold and Platinum level of membership.

I will be coding these into the subscription module for 1.4.

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