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Lets go russia to see world cup 2018
One of the big events of the following year is the World Cup; this big event makes a lot of changes in the sport of soccer. National teams from different countries are preparing to compete in the tournament so that one of them can eventually win the championship. The event, on the other hand, is very costly and the country hosting it must have the proper infrastructure and the ability to provide facilities such as accommodation and accommodation suitable for tourists, equipped gyms and attractive environments for entertaining enthusiasts. Provided football.

In addition, many countries are nominated for a variety of courses to record the event. As you know, Russia is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup; in this section of the article on travel to Russia you can read everything you need to know about the 2018 World Cup tour; read e-russia.

World Cup Russia 2018
Get acquainted with Russia ...
geographical location

Russia has a very geographically well-positioned country, due to its vast expanse of 14 countries in Asia and the Middle East (!), And perhaps it's interesting to note that the available water borders include the ocean North Pacific, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Russia generally has a wet, continental climate in the south and very cold winters in the north, which in many cases includes frost. In sum, the country has a very diverse climate diversity in different parts of the country.
Religion and language

The roots of the Russian people are from the people living in the Eurasia, so that the people of this country are divided into many tribes and tribes. The official language of the people of this country is Russian, which includes a variety of dialects. The religion of the majority of Russians includes Christianity, Islam and Jews, among which Orthodox Christianity is the largest religion in the Russian people.

Religion and language
Economics and Tourism

The economy of the Russian people is based on the supply of natural resources and fuel, and the industry of this country is completely based on the production of the people of Russia. In terms of tourism, the country also has some unique natural attractions, most of which are located in the three major tourist destinations of Moscow, Sochi and St. Petersburg.

The cost of traveling to Russia is much more profitable than the other European countries, but we should also point out that the cost of staying in the capital, Moscow is very high, which is nevertheless still worth the place. Visit the religious sites of the city such as the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Moscow Metro, the Red Square and the Moscow sky view.
Economics and Tourism
Economics and Tourism

Naturally, if you plan to participate in the 2018 World Cup tour, you will probably have to travel to at least 3 cities of the country to watch our national team games, although you will not want to match other matches of the 2018 World Cup. Watch the Stadium. Traveling in different cities of Russia, on the pretext of watching some football matches this tournament is an experience that may be cost effective, but undoubtedly very different and different from all your travels.
The venues of the tournament venues

But what about the famous international tournament in which Russian cities and in which stadiums will it be held? Let's have a glimpse at the venue for this tournament:
The venues of the tournament venues
The venues of the tournament venues
Moscow stadiums

    Luzhniki (capacity: about 80 thousand people)
    Moscow Regione (capacity: about 45 thousand people)
    Spartak Stadium (capacity: 44 thousand people)
    Dynamo Stadium (capacity: about 37 thousand people)

Stadium Luzhniki
Stadium Luzhniki
Stadiums in the city of Rostov

Rostov Arena (capacity: about 45 thousand people)
Krasnodar city stadiums

Krasnodar (capacity: about 37 thousand people)
Stadiums in Samara, Russia

Kosmos Arena (capacity: 44 thousand people)
St Petersburg St Petersburg

Zenit Arena (capacity: 69 thousand)
The Stadiums of the City of Yekaterinburg

Centralnyj (Capacity: 35 thousand people)
Centralnyj Stadium
Centralnyj Stadium
Kazan stadiums

Kazan Arena (Capacity: 45 thousand people)
Stoges of the city of Volgograd

Rotor Arena (capacity: about 45 thousand people)
Stadiums in the city of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod (capacity: about 45 thousand people)
Sochi Stadiums

Fisht Olympic (capacity: about 48 thousand people)
Fisht Olympic Stadium
Fisht Olympic Stadium
Stans in the city of Saransk

Mordovia Arena (capacity: 44 thousand people)

As you can see, among the mentioned cities, the three most famous tourist destinations of Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, are also named; these three cities are always among the most tourist-friendly cities in Europe.

Maybe we can say that the tour of the Russian World Cup is a shotgun and two badges! You can also watch the games of your favorite football teams in an international tournament, or visit the Russian cities; we recommend visiting the historic tourist attractions of Moscow and St. Petersburg and enjoying various activities. Beware of all over Russia too.

It should be noted that the teams present at the World Cup are as follows:

    Russia (as host)
    Brazil (South American Representative and Second Climbing Team)
    Iran (Asian Representative and Third Ascent Team)
    South Korea
    Saudi Arabia
    Costa Rica

The 21st World Cup Football Championship will start in Moscow on June 14, 2018, in order to regain the thrill of football around the world.
تور جام جهانی روسیه 2018

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