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My Ad Manager
lol..I had the check reversed...

only those in the exempt could see the ads. Smile

Try again:
lol, that's ok.Tongue

I'll upload the new file in a bit here.
why do i not have permissions to download this plugin? it looks great but i can't even try it on my demo forums Sad
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(Sep 15, 2008, 01:49 AM)josh0322 Wrote: why do i not have permissions to download this plugin? it looks great but i can't even try it on my demo forums Sad
I'd hate to say this yet again and make you dig in to fix this problem, but I am still having this problem.

To ensure it wasn't an issue with my browser cache, I booted into my Vista install that I haven't used in over a week where the ads weren't cached, and the same issue persisted even though I was logged in and administrators were exempt from seeing them.

The issue seems to be the inline ads portion of the plugin as everything else works flawlessly.

Again I am sorry to have to report this yet again...Sad

I'll even reinstate your account as temporary administrator on my forum so you can check to be sure there is nothing wrong with my settings.
Holy crap how many times I am going to screw this up?

Change this:

function myads_inline(&$post)

global $mybb, $db, $postcounter;

to this

function myads_inline(&$post)

global $mybb, $db, $postcounter, $fid;

Apparently I forgot the global. Sad

This assumes your problem was with forumid exemption and not usergroup.
It was the usergroup exclusion, I don't use the forum id exclusion as of yet. I honestly am sorry about this, as I really hate to make you check/fix things again. Sad
wow..I am perplexed. Let me really spend time on it..not sure what's going on.

EDIT: Upload this.

What's weird is that the same code works on the rest of it but not for the inline ad. I change the && to || and now it works. I tried to test this a bit more thoroughly as before I thought I was just finding simple errors. Really hoping this is fixed now. Total botch job by me and I apologize.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on a server attack. You might have noticed Mybb Central was down for a couple hours.

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Just tested it and it is working properly now, thanks labrocca. Big Grin
Thanks god! Every day I looked and was dreading a post by you. Smile

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