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Contact Form 3.1
I LOVE IT~~~~~~
How did you get it??
Hello labrocca I downloaded contact form plugin 3.0 excellent, being Italian I wanted to know if I can translate the plug in my language that is, in Italian
and eventually have to edit that file?

Yes you can translate the language file and then just upload it here if you want to share it.
Thank you, to do what I have to change that which files have to translate? I am not good with code ... you could tell me how?
Thanks in advance
Install instructions explain but here goes again.

Copy the inc/languages/english/contact.lang.php to your own language folder



then edit each entry to suit your language..


$l['subject'] = "Subject";

Would become:

$l['subject'] = "Soggetto";

That's it.
Many thanks for the valuable information you have given me
Thanks to you I managed to translate the plugin Tongue
I wanted to know if I can put claims in the translation if you can put where I put them?
You know they are not good with the code are the beginning
For now enclosed so then maybe if I can put the credits and put them back
Thanks again .. Wink

In English
I enter the translation in English
I hope I have done something pleasingWink

In Italiano
Inserisco la traduzione in lingua Italiana
spero di aver fatto cosa gradita Wink

Attached Files
.php   contact.lang.php (Size: 1.15 KB / Downloads: 2)
Hello labrocca I saw that in my contact form I do not see the Captcha Image Verification why? how can I fix?

Thanks ....!!
what do you mean? Anything not translated needs to be done in another file then outside of contact. Do you have a full site translation?
oh nice very nice the mod!

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