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It's complex to make it a plugin. To make a completely new page wouldn't be fun either. Alterations to the actual search.php would probably be easiest method but again...not simple. I looked into it thinking it wouldn't be too complex. I was wrong.
ok, these posts were in 2006, and i see this forum has new and todays posts, so am i correct in assuming someone has figured out methods for this function and if so will you direct me to these posts? i looked and ended up here. i did look in search and this is where we landed, well as close to subject as i found anyway. please forgive any errors i have made.
This is from a long time ago as you said. And yes it has been done.

On other forum types, theres a View Active Topics, and it basiclly lists the topics which have had a recent reply.

I thought that was quite cool, and it goes back till a month from present.

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