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Testimonials please
I emailed mine already Wink
Ever really understood the Gospel?
The Gospel
Mine Big Grin ... What needs to be said? I could go on a rant about how awesome Labrocca is. He gives out help, he gives free subscritions. Really whats to complain! If someone needs custom work, i always try to tell about
I never even thought about choosing another plug-in site. Labrocca and the other staff at have an incredible selection of plug-ins and themes that will improve your sites chances of succeeding a thousand-fold.
Robert Picard
MybbCentral has just about anything you need to make a great working message board. They provide support, tech assistance, and the members over all attitude is say the very least welcoming. Everyone here,including the staff is willing to help.

However this board would be nothing with out Mr.Labrocca, he is really the mybb god, and we praise him. Big Grin
I emailed mine. Big Grin
Update:Emailed a better one.
[Image: 120x60_SF.gif]
If you're looking for a fantastic place to drastically improve your MyBB, this in either getting members, improving your theme and the forum features... Then MyBBCentral is the place for you!!

The tireless dedication from authors of fantastic themes and plug ins makes MyBBCentral a fantastic place to learn and improve.

If you want somewhere to get some exclusive cool stuff for your forum then MyBBCentral has it all. For a tiny fee you can receive access to an amazing variety of extras for your forum. is the bees knees in MyBB coding and design.
MyBBcentral has taken one of the best forum systems available and brought it to new heights. The forums here contain a knowledgeable community willing to help one another out, are open to people new to MyBB, and the plugins available are well worth $10!
I do not have a subscription at MyBBCentral, but as I administrate many sites that do I know the plugins here are top quality. The site is owned by great people, who really know a lot about mybb. This is a great site, and if you ever need help, plugins, or anything else having to do with MyBB, you should become a subscriber here.

Wow this thread got a HUGE bump..
(Mar 09, 2010, 12:51 AM)MindFreak Wrote: Wow this thread got a HUGE bump..

Well it is a thread that is meant to be bumped.

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