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[SOLVED] About Fees (title renamed/shortened)
Maybe you should add "You can only download if you subscribe!" to the header image. [Image: icon_rolleyes.gif]
(Dec 11, 2008, 05:56 PM)labrocca Wrote:
Quote:If I had my way non subscribers wouldn't be able to post in the released plugin section.

It's not a bad idea. The problem is that mybb gives off such a generic permissions message that people don't understand why they get the error. The error tells them they might be banned, might not be logged in, might not have permissions, and so forth. I hate that. As it is now ...people don't understand they don't have permission to download so adding no posting would create the same effect of people posting "why can't I post" instead of "why can't I download". It's frustrating.

Maybe that should be your latest modification - something which effectively puts a "View" and "Read" permission in the permissions section, like IPB2.x style, so that if it's set as view, the user can see the forum, but can only read the topics inside the forum if the "read" permission is ticked.
I'd like to add something i find awesome, a quote;
Jesse Labrocca Wrote:MyBB is free, my time isn't, and plugins take time.

Why can't u people get that? Jesse's time isn't free, its already good enough that u have the opportunity to get something like this, for such a low price!

P.S. sorry if i misspelled your name Jesse :p

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