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Hey guys,

I'm a new member, Danielw879. I'm 16 and from Wales... I have been into forum creation a bit now, never done anything really good though. I'm looking now more into MyBB and better ways I can create and improve on sites. I hope I can gain one or two things off this site to help me. I'm trying to get ideas from other peoples sites as well as comments from other members on here. I will try and post a site if I ever think it is 1/10th good.

I am the owner and founder of a company known as G corp, called Gaming Corporation we deal with gaming on all levels. We are developing a game now and have already sponsored a game that is currently in it's beta version. We are a team of highly skilled gamers as well as other things.

I hope you guys welcome me to the site and we can all be good palls in the future ^^
Welcome to the group.
Nice to have you.

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