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I need lots of HELP
Mmk that fixed part of my problem... They now have the BG and such they aren't just text links but they still do not work properly. For Ex: I set up three tabs. One for Forum Info which included the announcemants and such one tab for digital GFX which included two sections and then a third called General Chat which included the chat section... Only the Forum info worked. It showed the section it was supposed to. However the other two tabs show nothing. They link to a different page but nothing shows!
1. I see the dynamic drive tabcontent.js code is twice in your source. Check your template.

2. You have this setup wrong. Did you read the install instructions? You seem to be missing the end div (</div>) in forumbit_depth1_cat template.

1. Start the template with this line:
<div id="tabmenu_{$forum['fid']}">

2. Add to the very end </div>

Really...since the first time you installed this and had trouble if you had followed the instructions and troubleshooting this would have worked within minutes.

You do need to follow instructions otherwise pay me for installation.
s9TeeN Wrote:Only thing I do not understand about the DL is the part about editing the index code? Although I do not think (THINK is the key word there) that this is my problem.
I thank you for your help but please don't get pissed off with me. I stated rather clearly that I do not understand how to do this nor did I think it was my issue...
If I had the mula I'd pay for your services but I do not... Sorry! I have a member from HF assisting me with this now as he seems to know more then I do and hopefully will help me to get the issue fixed!

Edit: He didn't get it either...
I just told you what is the issue. Also you don't seem to have assigned all the forums either.

You have just one and four. That's not enough. Each of your categories should be assigned to a tab.

Per instructions once again..

Quote:3. You will see a new option in the admin under "Forums & Posts" for "Tab Menu". Be aware you cannot use a category in more than one tab else this will not work. Also be sure to assign all categories to a tab.

So fix your template and assign all categories. It's really so easy if instructions are followed. I can't word them any simpler but if you don't follow them it's pointless.
Trust me I understand what you are saying but you have to understand even as simple as this is to most of the users on this site it still confuses me! lol This is basically the first site i have been in full charge of! lol I'm learning as I go...

To do these changes your saying that I need to number my categories 1-w/e right? I get that much where do I edit the div stuff you posted about in the last post?
(Sep 10, 2009, 07:29 PM)s9TeeN Wrote: To do these changes your saying that I need to number my categories 1-w/e right? I get that much where do I edit the div stuff you posted about in the last post?

1. In your admin panel, click "Templates and Style" from the top menu
2. Click "Templates" from the menu on the left
3. Click on the name of the template your theme is using (I think it's Blogreen)
4. Click "Forum_bit Templates"
5. Click "forumbit_depth1_cat". This will open up the editing screen.
6. Paste the following at the very top of that page:
<div id="tabmenu_{$forum['fid']}">
7. Paste the following at the very bottom of that page

Click Save

This is as simple as we explain it. Regardless if you do all this, it still will not work unless you assign each and every category to a tab via the plugin settings.
Fuck yes! lol Ok it worked now... however my only left over quest is how to manage the order... I added them in the order I wanted but they show up out of order...

Id like them to be as follows:
Forum info, general chat, digital, traditional, private, Misc.
I went through and numbered the categories 1-10/11 (Not sure on exact number)
Do I have to number the forums within the categories as well?
Sweet mmk can do! lol Mind if I ask something else?
rut roh!

Sure thing.

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