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Group Membership
Calm! There's no problem. You just have to access to your phpMyAdmin and go to MyBB Database. Then, look for "yourprefix(usually, mybb)_users" table, and look for your username or uid. Next, click to edit and search for "usergroup" field. Then change the number that it's to 4. And you'll be admin again.
The next time, be more careful!
Uhm 1 problem, i forgot which databases its in. i have another admin acc but its not superadmn.
is there a way to check what database its on
You can check on both databases. Check for the users table or something and im pretty sure you should find the user names that are on the forum your trying to get to.
i cant remember what the other database was cuz i cant find it at my webhost
If you don't know what DB is, just donwload mybb_root/inc/config.php and check it, and sure you find it in here.
Is there a software i can download that lets me connect to these databases? i knowall the info for it i just need a thing to connect to it with.
Icant find the phpmyadmin page for it
Ok thank god i fixed it
heres what i did.
I went into the config and found a super administrator option
It lists the UID's of the super admins
i added the uid for another admin and saved it
then i wnet into admin cp as aonther admin AND IT WOREKDDDDDD !!!
I was able to alter my username and now i have access again.
Thanks all four your help i now learn about databases. even though i didnt use databases to fix i see cool stuff in em
Back to your original question. What I do with HF is built into MyBB.

I setup a crew forum, create a group, assign permissions, and then assign leaders. There is no shortcut. You use what's there.
could you teach me how to do this?
And i say u should make a huge plugin that lets pplcreate special user groups just like ur makin Ub3r
Quote:could you teach me how to do this?

I just did in the last post.

Quote:I setup a crew forum, create a group, assign permissions, and then assign leaders. There is no shortcut. You use what's there.

You will need to learn now to navigate through the MyBB admincp.
before you can really do anything with mybb you have to learn its setup as labrocca said. This will make everything with your mybb experience a lot easire for you as an administrator of the board.
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