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donation bar like vb
Something like this would be really usefull to many of us Forum admins out there...
yeah it would be interesting...

I made something like this for Rockers Team b4 i was banned lmao. That was for phpbb, mybb should not be that hard.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
(Jan 07, 2010, 09:26 PM)Onyx Wrote: that would be easy to make.

I'll get to work on it.

Not as easy as you think unless of course you're going to manually enter in all the donations. A better way though would be IPN.
I was thinking about using a paypal developer service, with IPN.

I mean all i really need to do is link the ipn, make a total of what your after for that month, and than have a progress bar. If you have any ideas, please share mate Big Grin
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
But would it have to be manually? It'd be better if we can do it manually ... or at least, we could choose between manually mode or automatic mode... it would be nice ^^
I hope you get to finish it!
ummmm i am going to have it with ipn, so it would be automatic...

I'll get to work on a manual add one, that would be easier yet.
[Image: tyler-allen.png]
need that bar also here Tongue

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