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MyBB Secure
(Feb 06, 2010, 08:55 AM)AXVIS Wrote: Thanx but maybe something more advance like what does HF use to keep safe?

Condoms Smile
Why do you think you're going to get hacked so badly?? If you want what HF uses, buy multiple dedicated servers and install the security HF uses.
I know some of my old forums got hacked, but that was my own fault for not updating my version at the time, so they used the vulnerabilities. It was some Iranian extremist trying to gain publicity for their cause. I mean sometimes there's just no reason behind getting attacked, if it's going to happen, they'll keep trying.
Just try to keep everything up to date, use a secure password for your admin, use some .htaccess files in directories you only want to be accessed by certain IP's, change the admin directory of your site, and keep your plugins up to date is all i can suggest.
@88power88: That was funny Tongue
@MattR: Well cause after being hacked once the other 2 times don't count cause they where my partners he set me up twice. What you mean dedicated servers HF isn't on a dedicated server least I think so? And I don't know the security HF uses.
@kaitora: Thanx for the tip.
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HF is on 3 servers actually. And I run a wide variety of securtity measures outside of MyBB. For security nothing is better than diligence and experience. Stay updated and use a host that's reputatable. Pretty much any new "hacker" forum gets attacked constantly especially with DDOS attacks. So if you can't handle them or your host suspends your account you need to be prepared.

HF has been on it's own server for years now.
Nice advise labrocca...
Thanx for the advise but I need something to actually keep that kind of things from happening or to weaken that?
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Then all you need is this and you're set:
@88power88 that is worst idea I'v heard
@labrocca did you read this book and whats your thought on it is it really worth buying it (your thoughts)?
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I have had earlier versions. My point is that you won't get years of experience wrapped up in a forum post. You'll need to read and do your best and deal with problems as you experience them.

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