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Football Furor
I would suggest trying to advertise a bit if you have money then. Also do you provide anything unique besides a great looking site? I remember other football forums offered the ability to watch soccer games from their forum (showing ads to free people and no ads to VIP). Maybe your just missing the unique aspect?
[Image: mybbsig.php]
thanks. i tried advertising on google and facebook for a while but dint seem to work. any ideas on effective advertisements? i will pay but need some solid medium to advertisement the site.
how do you guys advertise? can anyone suggest me.

i have added a better logo now.

check it out! and give me some feedbacks.

Really Cool Smile
Nice skin!
thanks dude. i have set up the forum well, but the only thing missing is activity. need some active members.
Really like this one, i would suggest even try side boxes plugin, then it will look even better lol kind of reminds me of a vb poker site i visited recently.... nice one mateSad
[Image: 23suqdz.jpg][Image: hty8nn.gif]2 OF THE BEST MYBB SITES

forum width is smaller.putting in sideboxes will decrease the space. although i can try.

thanks for the comments.
if anyone will be following World Cup 2010, come visit by Football Furor and interact with fellow football fanatics!

Site looks great.. I hate soccer though lol
[Image: logo2.png]

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