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Custom post fields
Hello people. I hope my question isn't dumb or posted in the wrong place.
I am interested in making custom post fields for my users to fill in when they post something. I also would like to know if I can integrate specific field into a specific category or forum on my board.

Let's say I have a category where people can buy and sell stuff. I want to make a custom field that will only appear on that cat and let's say it is called "Phone Number:" and people have to fill that in and after submitting the thread that field's vallue and it's name show up under the post's main content like so:

Phone Number: 541651619

I think vBulletin has something like this, not sure though.

I hope you understand me, I'm sorry if I have spell errors, my English is not that good.
Thank you in advance !
Bump, this would be nice too!

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