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How to stop forum spam in MyBB forums
Quote:How to stop forum spam in MyBB Forums

Forum Spam are the reason why 30% of the forums die. The reason being legit community members of the forum gets spammed by private messages, forum post and forum threads causing members to create a negative feeling about the forum that is being spammed and hence it creates forums to ultimately die.
How to stop forum spam and create a high quality forum. First of all i will say that stopping forum spam is not easy because these days there are two type of spammers. First is bots and second is human spammers who wants to get traffic by cheap methods. So to stop forum spam we need tools as well as educated moderators who can create a healthy community and get rid of spams.

Stop Forum spam is a website with database of all the big spammers who have been identified for spamming and are currently spamming. The best part of the plugin is it is free and is updated regularly.


Second plugin that i will suggest will be Spamalyser, although this plugin needs to be configured accurately but when done it checks the post on basis of weight and this helps you to do various action on basis of spam weight.
Read Complete tutorial at here
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