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General Board | MyBB 1.8 | Custom Theme | POSTING CONTEST
Website name: General Board
Website URL: generalbb . net
Site official launch: 09/11/2014 (dd/mm/yyyy) Remembrance Sunday

General Board is a general-discussion forum powered by MyBB. It was worked on 1 week solid before initial release. The site was chosen to be released on Remembrance Sunday for no specific reason, it's something else to remember I suppose. If you're up for joining a forum with a chill bunch of users then General Board is for you. We promise to maintain a consistent number of contests held to keep our users motivated and to hopefully attract new ones.

Why you should join...
The owner of General Board has decided to sell upgrades, awards and potentially usergroups in exchange for site credits earned through posting replies and threads. This isn't very common as forum owners usually sell upgrades for plain and boring old cash which sometimes has no use in a forum. We have the finance to spend on advertising as well as maintain the site's hosting. Posters on a forum should be rewarded, that's what we're trying to achieve.


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General Board | MyBB 1.8 | Custom Theme | POSTING CONTEST - by 8-Bit - Nov 12, 2014, 11:52 AM

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