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Why join us?
Unlike many forums we primarly target the Graphic design audiance and others who are willing to learn or share their creativity with other members on the forums. Members can also have relaxed conversations and have a good time and learn and grow along the way. As well as discuss there favorite Anime/Manga

Friendly Community - Make new friends and learn from one another.

Dedicated Staff Members - If you are in need of help about the forum there are staff members who are willing to help you out through out the site.

Features on DesuForum:

Credits - Earn forum points by posting on the forums, you can do tasks and or exchange credits with other members.

Custom Awards - Earn awards and showcase these in your user profile.

Subscription - Upgrade yourself to VIP or Sponsor to get many more privaliges around the forum.

Groups - You can join and apply to join specific groups or purchase your own and invite others.

DesuForum To Come:
As you may know we are a new community and are looking for dedicated members to come and join the family. Hopefully in the future we can hold giveaways and contests so you guys can interact on the forums.

Prizes can include and are not limited to:
Custom Groups & Awards
Paypal Money

What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY!

Click here to Sign Up Today

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