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Lewd - Otaku Community | Continually Improved - 100% Free - Friendly/Fair Staff
[Image: reu-smaller.png]
A community for the lewd.

Lewd is a community that absolutely adores 2d qts.
We understand them long nights you spend looking at hentai and ecchi on fakku, exhentai, and/or pururin.

[Image: gWsFBR.png]

The Theme

We have a 100% custom theme, that's continually improved upon.
[Image: 7feb88c5014c4d576663bef170b4c368.png]
View full size.

One of the theme's nicest features is our quick reply; with syntax highlighting and autocompletion.
[Image: 2015-06-28_1737.png]

[Image: gWsFBR.png]

The Features

Custom Groups

Because I have no interest in making money from our community, custom groups are completely free.

Custom groups come with a sub forum and allow leaders to set a group colour upon creation.
Read more about custom groups.

[Image: 2015-06-28_1745.png]


All of our passwords are hashed with bcrypt at over 10 rounds. Here's a post from one of our members explaining why Bcrypt is a lot better than the default MyBB encryption:
[Image: 2f9e27089085b23ce910c59e642ba7df.png]
Read our change log for more nice features.

[Image: gWsFBR.png]

The Community

Our community comes from all over the internet, HF isn't the only place we advertise and we have a lot of new faces coming in from places like 4chan, hummingbird, humblebundle (fuck humblebundle), and a variety of other websites.

So far every member of the community is a really nice person and we're pretty damn tight nit.

[Image: gWsFBR.png]

Questions or Criticism?

If you have any questions or any form of criticism, feel free to let me know. Smile

Join our family.

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Lewd - Otaku Community | Continually Improved - 100% Free - Friendly/Fair Staff - by Dogs Toy - Jul 28, 2015, 09:26 AM

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