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robots.txt question and search optimization...
I am having a bit of trouble getting my website noticed, not to mention severely lacking new active members that are posting. I get anywheres between 3-4 visitors at a time, however one day on May 17th I got a flood of about 102 visitors which is abnormal considering my usual amount of guests on is 3 - 4 and sometimes 6 - 8.

Some search terms/phrases turn my website up on the first page, however I am noticing a lack of bots indexing my website.

I get googlebot and yahoo search on, however MSNbot visits once in a blue moon, and no other searchbots are indexing my website.

I've had my website up for about a half a year now and only have 30 unique members, only a few which are somewhat active which is my staff.

I've done whatever I could think of to optimize my website for search engines such as SEO url's, adding content, meta tags/meta tag mod, submitting my website to search engines manually.

I have also place a link/image link in my sig at websites that allow it, which is the logo of my forum and links to my website.

My domain name is fairly short and easy to remember, website loads fast. I have also made various improvements to the website to make it more user friendly and am as quick as possible about fixing problems.

My website is virtually spam free as well.

I however garner very few visitors a day compared to other websites, my member base and active member base are quite pathetic.

I'm trying to get things going and get new staff aboard, new members and increasing content but no one seems interested.

It also seems my webpage/forum isn't being cached by the web archive and turns up zilch results when typing in my domain.

Mcafee Site Advisor hasn't even acknowledged my website as being there, thus my website is still awaiting approval/review.

Suggestions are welcome, link is in my sig in case anyone is interested or wants to provide suggestions, help or feedback.Wink

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robots.txt question and search optimization... - by Xtreme2damax - May 31, 2008, 01:43 AM

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