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About Forum Mafia:

We are a community which enjoys chillin' out and posting, we discuss many different topics and we're a General & Gaming community. A majority of the registered users are friendly and willing to assist you out with mostly anything.

We try to focus around making the forums section based on a variety of topics ranging from General, Art, Gaming, Marketing, Groups and Technology. We have average visitors of 100 visitors everyday. We launched a few days ago and have an average of 100+ Posts daily and increasing.

What we want:
  • Active Members
  • Great ideas for improvement
  • Content

What do we offer?:
  • Custom theme Designed by Audentio
  • New forum atmosphere
  • Friendly staff
  • Many Achievable Awards
  • Credits System
  • Active Discussions
  • Affordable Upgrades to enhance your forum experience
  • Joinable/Purchasable Groups
  • Custom Features

Features Coming soon:
  • Rock Paper Scissors Betting System

Why join us?:

We started a day ago and already have great activity and we have daily visitors, contributors, both friendly members and staff who are willing to help you where you need. We have promising activity and Administrators who are willing to put time and effort in the forum, which you can already see evident from our work on some custom features and the theme.

Me and My Co-Administrator have experience of Development Languages like JAVA, Delpi, JScripts, PHP, VB.Net and funds with inspiration that inspire us to continue or work. We promise never to give up on the forum and this forum will never be sold, merged or closed or you will find your effort wasted, so I suggest you give us a try.

Refer your friends and what, they might be just interested in staying. First 20 members who join and achieve 100 posts get the veteran award.

About Posting Contest:

We have a posting contest going on at the Forum where you can win various prizes.

This contest will end on 30th June. This contest is based on posts and threads. You need to be qualitative.

How it works?

You need to make 5 useful threads and they need to be useful threads, not general or random ones. You can post Tutorials, Showcases, Services, Guides, Giveaways and Debates as well.

Post here with your current post count (picture/screenshot). Users who participate need to make atleast 30 to 35 posts in the coming 4 to 5 days to be eligible. You can post even more. More the posts, better are your chances to win.

We shall monitor quality of posts as well. Once you have fulfilled the requirements post here with your username and choose a number between 1 to 20.


1st place: $10 PayPal, Contributor Award & Platinum upgrade.
2nd place: $5 Paypal & Platinum upgrade.
3rd place: Platinum Upgrade.

Quick Links:


Referrer: Arrow


Our members have made a total of 149 posts in 38 threads.
We currently have 17 members registered.
Please welcome our newest member, IRC
The most users online at one time was 18 on Today at 07:52 PM


Forum Mafia Staff

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