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Couple of suggestions.
Yeah last person a few probably wanna see or hear from but anyways here goes.

1. Have a demo site to show off all your work here? One with all your plugins in operation. I suspect a good number of people dont know exactly what some plugins/mods do without seing them first hand especially those new to the forum scene. I'll admit i knew very little about MYPS and probably still dont. If one is around forgive me and ignore this.

2. More advertising. Never knew about a number of plugins till visiting here.

On to the matter of paying for plugins. MYPS is one of those that i would strongly consider a plugin very much worth paying for. Remember i know just a little about this plugin as well. Truth be told i may actually be purchasing a subscription just for this one for my site that i will probably be moving from IPB to MYBB after IPS releases 3.0. Yes i wanna atleast see it first before i dump them.Tongue Have to ofcourse find out for sure if MYPS can do what i am hoping it can. I'll PM Lex or Labrocca about it. Anyways i have never been totally against paid for plugins. I run a paid site as well. Difference is it is weather data. And yeah we got crap for it as well. My site offers both free and paid stuff not found anywhere else. But anyways some Plugins defintely deserve the price tag while others ..meh. I would use the free ones as advertising ( with posting requirements ofcourse ) so people get to see the bigger better ones. But thats me.
The KEY thing you guys have going is the excellent support you all give here and over at the MYBB site. I have been given great help by LeX in the past. Why not offer paid support services? Or is that a problem for MYBB? Someone needs to pick up the ball on that.

Anyways site looks good. One of the better MYBB sites i have seen.

Have a good one all,


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