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[SOLVED] About Fees (title renamed/shortened)
(Dec 09, 2008, 06:56 PM)labrocca Wrote: Let me give you a better reasoning.

Do you pay for hosting of your free MYBB? Do you pay for the domain? Did you pay for the internet access you have? Did you pay for the computer you are on? How about the electricity to turn the computer?

I am not Mybb. I am under no obligation to be a free software provider and Mybb has given it's blessing to my project.

Would you complain realistically to your host..."hey...mybb was free why do I have to pay to host it"?

The argument that since Mybb is free everything related must also be free is absurd.

Quote:There were "FREE DOWNLOADS!" and things like that written on there - strange, I thought.

You won't find that anywhere here. Even at the mybboard community site I have it in my signature that downloads here are for paid subscribers.

Quote:[Some plugins at Mybb Central are for paid subscribers only.]

And I now also place that on the top of all my plugin releases too. I am not here to mislead people. They won't pay by accident. I am not here to upset or tease people that can't or won't pay.

Mybb Central is my own personal independent site where I release my own work and offer support. The plugins created are made possible by the subscription fee. Otherwise I could not justify the time spent which is literally hundreds of hours. I am 38 with 4 kids. I can't do this as a hobby. I need a revenue stream no matter how small. The fee is $5 per year for downloads with a liberal usage license. I don't ask for links back. I don't require posts. I often help people install or fix problems for no fee. The $5 per member subscription I recieve is nominal in comparison to the effort I place into mybb daily.

Thank you.

Fair enough, I can understand that Smile

(Dec 09, 2008, 07:13 PM)Matt_ Wrote: RE the free downloads thing, on the tagpad, someone has typed something about free downloads, but Dan, labrocca has no real control over what is posted there, so that argument was a bit limp if I'm honest.

That was just part of the story - I wasn't criticising it in anyway.

Well, great, looks like I've got off to a bad start just by stating my own opinion... Ah Well Smile Life goes on.

I understand you have to make ends meet.
I understand that it's a small fee.

You've changed my opinion.



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