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eh, just click.

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eh, just click.
Hi there everyone. Cool

Today I was searching these forums (and many others actually). And I was browsing the subscription page and asking myself "damn, isn't there any other way to get a subscription", since I can't pay for it (it's not money problems, but the way of getting it, my dad is too restrict about internet.. or maybe everything). I also tryed to start a PTC business, but we earn too little and we receive the money in about.. 1 year or something. I'm not waiting 1 year for the money, and only making the money takes too long..
What other ways do I have do pay for this? I've also read in the PayPal site that I can send money from my mobile to my paypal account (or maybe I read it wrong, or something), but I asked a friend of mine to do it with his mobile (since I don't know where's mine, and if I ask my dad to do it with his mobile he would say no) and when we were registering an account, I was also searching the way to do this... and I didn't found anything. So I thought that way isn't possible.
Yeah, I've also heard about that free subscription if we make 100 posts on your webmasters forums. But it's not an area where I can post a lot, since my knowledge about it it's not that much. I could post a little bit more, but the current sections aren't that acessible for me. Maybe if you add many others sections, I could have a little more number of posts. However, other kind of forums where I can also post for a free subscriptions would be great, but I don't know if you can.

So what I mean is, I would do anything for a free subscription. Posts here or any other forums (you decide the number), advertisment banners.. what else.
I'm not expecting a positive answer, if you can't do it, it's ok. I understand. No hard feelings if you can't make this possible, but it would be great if you can.

PS: of course I'm talking to labrocca, since she's the only one that takes care of these stuff.

Best regards,

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