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$20.00 for MYPS Mod & (Attachment Mod $10.00) + Collapseable Default $5.00
Hello MyBB Central Members,

I recently switched from phpBB to MyBB in hopes that MYPS would suit my needs. Sadly, it was missing a few crucial features that I desperately need. $20.00

I also need a modification that uploads all attachments to another file hosting site, such as Rapidshare or Megaupload. And only upload it to the other file hosting site. The mod still needs to be able to count and keep track of the downloads like a regular attachment. Will pay $10.00 for this.

Lastly, I need a modification that gives the option to make a category collapsed on default. $5.00

Features that need to be added for MYPS Plugin/Mod:

1. Give points to the thread starter by how many downloads that file has, it has to be a file uploaded by the Modded MyBB attachment feature.

2. Give points to Thread starter for how many views that thread gets.

3. Get a percentage of points for the amount of points a referred users gets. For example: If person A referred person B, and person B earned 100 points, and the percentage amount was set to 50%. Then person A would receive 50 points.

If someone could do it all, you'd receive $35.00. I'll pay after I see it working on another site, such as a test site.

Otherwise, I'll pay individually for the prices listed above.

Thanks alot!

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$20.00 for MYPS Mod & (Attachment Mod $10.00) + Collapseable Default $5.00 - by Biohazard - Oct 07, 2009, 04:30 PM

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