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Stats and latest thread output to PHP not RSS?
I have a root site with the forum working with it which is a big part of it.

Someway I wish to show the latest information from the forum on the hompeage... which is just HTML/PHP/CSS.

Obviously I could use RSS to show latest posts and use a signature generator to show forum statistics. But I need a plugin that will get forum statistics, latest posts, hot threads etc and output them into a PHP document automatically.

Of course this could come with a number of options. Immediate or periodical updates. If Immediate, update the PHP file when a statistics is changed. If periodical... only changes every x amount of minutes. Options to choose which statistics to include, how to include them, etc.

Ideally the output PHP needs to be customizable to it can be integrated into a number of environments.

My homepage does use PHP so it wont be to difficult to manually include the output PHP using the include and require functions.

I would not say this is a personal request, while I would personally like this I see many others benefiting from it also, and I could be a very popular plugin.

My PHP knowledge is very basic, So I have no idea to create this, and some of the developers on this site could make a far better job of it then I could even consider


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Stats and latest thread output to PHP not RSS? - by blazendevil2 - Mar 16, 2010, 10:34 AM

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