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How To Make Your Theme Transparent!
Live demo is down, sites much different now!

Admin CP > Themes > "Your Current Theme Here" > Global CSS >

Now lets do an example, for this one were going to make the quotes, transparent so were going to go to the "blockquote" in the list, then put this for the backround.

.transparent_class {      filter:alpha(opacity=50)

Then for the color make it something that would stand out against your theme.

Now for the body, and some other parts (im not fully done testing this) you will have to do the following.

Upload a file that you want your transparent backround to match, as you can see for mine i have a torn city. Try and make the picture sort of fit the size of the mybb board. Once you have found your image upload it to your image directory and add the following code under "Backround" on the body tab.
#000 url(images/"Yourbackroundfilehere")

Then for the color i recommend you put

Make sure you always backup the old text on your CSS in case this does not work with your theme. If this worked please let me know, if not reply and i will try to help you with issues.

Final demo -

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