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Hello Everybody
Hi, I'm Eric and I actually joined the Forum awhile back.

I'm the Founder of which still has tons of work for me to do including the cosmetics. I'm not really promoting the Forum that much as of now as I want to get the plugins/addons/ and cosmetics of the forum good first.

This is the first forum I have ever owned/administrated so I'm really a complete n00b this is definitely harder to do than it sounds :/ I'm going to try to get more proactive in all the mybb forums such as this one,,, etc... All the sites seem to have very knowledgeable individuals. I just have to get over my cowardice and ask more questions than I have been whether I sound like an idiot or not. Sad I'm learning all this stuff hands on... Hopefully one day soon, I can persuade a full time Tech guy to assist me and whatnot...

Anyways, Thanks for a offering us a Great Community with a wealth of knowledge and help! Smile

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