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Common Tabbed Menu Problems and Solutions
Common Tabbed Menu Problems and Solutions
To Be Completed


Most Common Problem
First tab is working but the other ones are not?! (Click to View)
Add a </div> at the very end in forumbit_depth1_cat (Click to View)

When I click on a tab, nothing happens, the url only changes to index.php#? (Click to View)
Go to "headerinclude" ~ It can be found in Ungrouped Templates. Paste This at the very bottom. (Click to View)

The tabs are not working for members, but for Staff it works great?
Forums or Catergories with special permissions cannot be placed at the top of the tab. Example VIP Sections

A category is just floating around on each tab?
The catergory hasnt been assigned a tab. Multiple catergories per tag can be achieved by holding CTRL while selecting the catergories.

The Tabbed Menu ain't working with another theme?
1st. Create a tabbed.css in your new theme, and copy the code from tabbed.css in the other theme.
Then follow Labrocca's troubleshooting guide and this guide.

How do I organize the tabs?
Solution :
There currently is no organizing system. Create the number of tabs you require with numbered names, check their order on your forum, then assign the catergories to the relevant tabs.

Why can't I download the Tabbed Menu plugin?
You have to upgrade to download attachments at

This does not work on 1.6?
Yes, after following this guide.

There are double tabs?
Go to the index template, and ensure that only one {tabmenu} appears.


If this doesnt work, check Labrocca's Troubleshooting Guide


Original Created by: Elite Dash
Updated by: BleepyEvans

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