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April Fools
Well this is a fun one for April 1st.

It randomizes the text into 8 possible crazy displays.

1. Reverse
2. Left to Right & Reverse
3. Letters Spread out
4. Small text
5. Big text
6. Total randomized letters
7. Line Through all text
8. All Uppercase

This uses CSS or PHP functions so it should be browser compatible across the board.

To install just upload and activate (wait till April 1 though).

If you want the foolish posts to appear more or less often you can edit the rand string on line 46.

$rand = mt_rand(1,15);  // EDIT HERE

Edit the not make it lower than 8 though. If you want the messages to be messed up very often I suggest 10 and if you want it very few times ....maybe 20 or 25. You can play with settings to your desire.

Also if you want this to be ONLY in certain forums this is what you add BEFORE the $rand line above:

if( $forum['fid'] != XX) { return $message; }
// replace XX with your forum id...that line will make the messages crazy ONLY in the forum you specify. Maybe your off-topic?

If you are knowledgable with arrays you can certainly do more with this. The plugin concept is very simple.

You can DEMO this on Mybb Central Test Forums. (refresh for different effects)

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lol, great mod. Just in time for a big forum prank Big Grin
dammit, it's amazing !! ^_^'
nice mod thanks man
Thanks Jesse
It makes me laughing when members sent complaints on what's going on the forum
Hehe, I installed it on my forum and it works great. Big Grin
Yeah I used this at Hack Forums and lots of members thought we were hacked.
My super moderator thought we got hacked. Tongue

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