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Rel=Nofollow Signatures
If you want to add the nofollow attribute to your sites signatures this plugin is for you. It will leave posts unaffected but signatures will gain the rel=nofollow tag.

The profile page is also parsed to add the nofollow attribute to the signature.


Install is easy...just one file and activate in admincp.

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.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 1.39 KB / Downloads: 41)
Thanks labrocca.
Thanks .. this really helps .. I requested for Tag Cloud enhancement .. Have u look into that?
Can this be applied to groups, or is it all or nothing? That would make it really useful Smile
Yes it can be applied to groups. Right now it's not in the settings but if you have a group number I can provide you the code to alter it easily. Or a new download file.

Thanks! That would be very useful. I have a good working knowledge of PHP so providing the code (or a diff -u) would be great. I have added a custom group and it is group #8.

Try this one.

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.php   Less than 1 minute ago">nofollowsig.php (Size: 1.15 KB / Downloads: 3)
Hey, thanks again.

The "if" statements on lines 34 and 46 were missing open brackets, easily fixed though.

It seems like it is adding nofollow to all sig links. Perhaps that has something to do with the way I have set up the groups? Would the dofollow group have to be their primary or secondary group, or does it not matter? Thanks again!
Yeah I think that's setup for primary. You want this to check secondaries? It has to wait till I get back next week. Remind me in a PM .I return on Tuesday.
Ok, will do. Thanks again for your time and effort. Smile

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