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google seo
Google penguin update

On April 24, 2014, Google released the first version of the Penguin algorithm update.

Before the release of the penguin, site owners, article marketers took a different tactic to build links.

Still, many of those practices are still used, but old methods are no longer gone. See the 4 things that make you a penguin penalty:

    Link layout map: Links are still important, but high quality websites are the best way to increase the ranking of search engines.

The link map designer is referred to as link generation, which makes your site better ranked in search engines. If you fall into the trap of making a backlink from any other site, this will make it into the Google Penguin Penalty.

The rap Genuis website is an example of a dedicated website for music tracks that has been caught inside Google's penalty shootout.

Tip: Avoid creating any backlink model, this has a lot of risk.

    Fill in a lot of keywords: Matt Cut again warned against using too many keywords. No matter how good your site is, the penguin is looking for a website to penalize them.

Do not overuse keywords in your content. If a keyword does not seem useful to you in the content, do not use it.

Note: Just focus your focus on related keywords, and create content that matters to your customers. An influential SEO is always the same. Let's simplify this.

    High Optimization - According to KISSmetrics, "SEO is a useful tool, but using it more than that will make an excess." If you focus a lot on the words of your links, for example, this will allow your site to be penalized by the penguin algorithm. The best way to do this is to use ordinary text from the links.

In April 2012, Google expanded another update. Which made a lot of sites using a lot of penalties. These are cases that have been very focused on content and content texts.

Another thing that has a great impact on your site is yours. Use too much of the link to your site's own pages.

Tip: When the text inside your link points directly to the page you are referring to, this will be very useful for the SEO. When you use it a lot, it's not good for visitors to your site, and Google does not look so interesting. Cardstore lost its abnormal links due to overuse.

Yes, in the end, you need to know that your links should be normal.

 When you buy or exchange links from another. Here your link will be very irrelevant. Here's another example: got its good ranking on Google just because it was constantly looking for a link to its site.

I do not suggest buying a link, but if you have to do this, make sure the topic of that one site is the same as your site's subject. Otherwise, your site will be unlinked.

How the penguin works

The penguin is a search filter model that will penalize your site when you are constantly busy creating abnormal links.

For example, when you create many links to a newly created site, Google will easily notice it and ultimately penalize your site. Or it may even take your site away from its index words.

Remember to check the website for website administrators for proper use of links and awareness of Google Updates.

Link exchanges, link purchases, and other Black Hat jobs may work for you in a while, but you'll be reluctantly downgraded over the long run.

Solidarity between Panda and Penguin

When you focus on improving your non-quality content and creating good and natural links to your site, this is referred to as the relationship between panda and penguin.

Remember, if your site content is unique, useful, and deep, there is still the possibility of using the Penguin Penalty algorithm.

What is the difference between Panda and Penguin? The Panda update is mainly based on the right content, but the penguin update wants to find spam sites that just seek to boost Google's ranking.

It's impossible for both of these updates to work. When, for example, the panda has penalized you.

A good example of the interaction between the panda and the penguin was something that happened on the site When the site started launching a regular link. It is not clear exactly what happened to this site.

How to prevent penguin from being penalized

If you want to not penalize penguins, design your own blog with natural links. Search Engine Watch said that you should have 61% of normal links and 39% of abnormal links. By doing this, your site will get a high rating.

You can look at the WOT website to see how your users trust your web site. If your site's wot score is low, then you have a lot to do.

Knowing inline text - Ment

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