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[i] MyBB 1.4
New List ( 09 / 05 / 2009 )

This is a hard question to answer, since I use most of your plugins and won't upgrade to 1.4 unless just about all of them are converted! LOL Tongue

Definitely Security Question on Registration is a major must.
Your MYPS addons come next.

I'll have to look through the list of plugins that I use, since I can't remember them all right now. Wink
The badword filter advanced plugin unless Mybb 1.4 already has it built in. I actually wouldn't mind to see all you're plugins updated to work with Mybb 1.4 unless it would be too time consuming.

I happen to like nearly all of your plugins as well as labrocca's which has made it easier for me and my members on my forum.
Yes, definitely the badword filter if that isn't built into 1.4. OK, I looked through the ones I use and following are the ones I really don't want to do without. I have left off the ones that you or I have already mentioned or that are known to be included with 1.4.

Country Flags Of Online Users On Index
Thread Protected By Password v1.0
View Own Threads
Minimum Posts For Posting Thread

Here are the MYPS addons:
Member Of The Week/Month
Hide Yourself From Online List With MYPS
MyBank v1.0
User MYPS, MYPS Settings and MYPS Logs BackUp Module (MYPS ADDON)
ChangeName/Signature/Avatar/CustomTitle With MYPS
Upgrade Your Download Section For MYPS [Update Module]
Mybet imho would be nice to see for MYPS. It seems to be requested often and I personally don't have that great of an interest in making one. Yours seemed to be very good.

Then of course obvious one.

"Minimum Posts For Posting Thread" ...yes this one too. I often use it.
// List Updated =P
That's great that you're also updating the plugins for old members that don't visit anymore. I use quite a few of Crakter's and Zaher's, so it's nice they will be updated.
Hi LeX-
How are u mate? long time lol
would you please update View Own Threads?
were i can download "Member Of The Week/Month" TjanksBig Grin
Within the next days; overhere =P

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