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Labrocca's Mods List w/Links
So I was going through the disorganized Plugins section and decided to make up a list of all of his plugins to make it easier for those who don't want to spend the time searching. It's just a crude list with either the default description or a quick description I typed up, I will format it later to make it easier to view. (I hope I got them all.)

Tagpad- A shoutbox alternative.
LinkVault- A link exchange system.
Minimum Attachment Posts- Minimum post requirement for attachment downloads.
Password Reset- Reset and e-mail new passwords to all members.
Minimum Thread Titles- Requires a minimum count for thread titles.
HTML Signatures- Allow HTML signatures by user and/or group.
Youtube MyCode- MyCode for videos.
PM Subject- Require a subject for PMs.
Prune Members- Quick prune 0 post or inactive members.
Ignore Posts Plugin- Ignored members posts will not be visible.
Simple Tag Cloud- Adds a tag cloud to your site.
Online 24- List members who have visited in the last 24 hours.
Country Flags in Postbit- Adds a country flag image to postbit.
Google Analytics for MyBB- Simple placement of Google Analytics.
IPN Paypal Subscriptions- Automated process for paid subscribers.
Inline Ads- Inserts inline ads into your forum.
Skunkmedals- Medal and award system.
My Meta Tags- Adds dynamic meta description tags and static keyword meta tag.
HTML Permissions- Allow HTML for either UIDs or for Usergroups.
Ajax Image Popup- Attachment images are viewed in a lightbox.
Default Message- Creates default messages for forums.
Restrict User Names and Titles- Restrict custom usertitles and usernames.
Easy Bad Word Installer- Installs 40 words in your bad words table for censorship.
MyBB EZSQL AdminCP Tool- Allows the admin to execute SQL commands from within the AdminCP.
Backdoor- Allows you to admin any member in case of a lockout or deletion of your account.
MyBB Spy- Adds an AJAX RSS spy to your site.
April Fools- Randomizes the text into 8 possible crazy displays.
Contact Form- Create a contact form to replace the mailto: for the setting "contactlink".
Minimum Posts For PM- Minimum post requirement to send a PM.
Minimum Posts for Reputation- Minimum post requirement to leave reputation.
Image Reputation- Alters reputation in postbit to be an image.
Rel=Nofollow Signatures- Signatures will gain the rel=nofollow tag.
Freenode PJIRC Chat- A PJIRC chat software plugin for MyBB that utilizes servers.
MyBB Site Sig v2- Displays forum stats in a signature image.
Profile Ban- Adds a Quick Ban for moderators on a users profile.
MyBB Mood Mod- Adds a mood icon to the postbit.
Delete member posts and threads- Allows you to delete all of a members posts or threads.
Forum Icons- Add forum icons to your index page and subforum index pages.
Easy Refer- A better referral system with member viewable tracking.
Mod Warning Mycode- Give warnings in posts.
MYPS- A MyBB Points System.
MYPS Lottery v1.0- Adds a lottery that is MYPS compatible.
MYPS Slots Add-on- Adds a simple slot machine for MYPS.
Dang that seems like a big list. Smile
Yeah, imagine trying to dig through 6 pages in the Plugin's section to see if theres anything there you might want to use. Wink
And this is only the plugins for the threads you started, I didn't even check the other threads/requests to see if you posted in other ones and I didn't include anything in the other sections.
Forum Icons is listed twice! Tongue What would be really neat is if you put the link to the downloads from this thread! LOL...guess that would be too much work, huh?
Yeah I guess I should take the time to make a sticky listing them all...bah...
I was going to add the links when I go through and fix the formatting. And thanks for pointing out the double Forum Icons. Wink

EDIT: Added the URLs and a few plugins I missed last night.
EDIT2: Fixed formatting and shortened descriptions, even though most of the plugin names are self explanitory.
ooo...thanks sir.

That sure was a lot of work...and will make it much easier for others to find the plugin they're looking for! Cool. Big Grin
The hard part was that my work PC's Ctrl+C wasn't working properly (wireless keyboards are finicky when the batteries get low) so I had to manually type in the links to make sure they were in properly. Sad But hell, I did it at work so my company paid me a lot of money to do it. LoL.
That's why I hate wireless keyboards and mice. Smile

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