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1.4x Areas
I have now created the official areas for 1.4x series themes and plugins. Work has already begun to bring you the best of these to you asap. Mybb 1.4 is now in beta. You can apply to obtain a beta copy at inside your usercp.

You can read more about that here:

Mybb Central will be at the cusp of the 1.4 release. We will immediately upon an official public release launch a great deal of work. However we hope to have beta tests for a few of our most popular plugins such as MYPS.

Thank you.
Thanks for the news and update labrocca, it is very much appreciated. I'm currently helping beta test the Mybb 1.4 beta and report bugs I come across.

Mybb 1.4 is going to be a great release and with yours and LeX's plugins, even better. Smile
Can i post the updated version of the plugins i've got already so they can be tested ? =P

• Thread Prefixes (v3.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• View Own Threads (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Advanced BadwordFilter (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Profile Picture (v1.3 for MyBB1.4)
• SideBoxes (Zaher) (v3.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Country Flags [ Postbit ] (Zaher) (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Additional GroupImages [ Postbit ] (Zaher) (v3.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• PermissionsBox (Zaher) (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Gender [ Postbit ] (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Zodiac [ Postbit ] (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Country Flags Of Online Users [ Index ] (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• Online Today [ Index ] (CraKteR) (v1.3 for MyBB 1.4)
• Events On [ Index ] (CraKteR) (v1.6 for MyBB 1.4)
• UsergroupLegends [ Index ] (CraKteR) (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• TrashCan Forum (CraKteR) (v1.5 for MyBB 1.4)
• QuickAddBuddy (CraKteR) (v1.1 for MyBB 1.4)
• MyBank (MYPS Addon) (v1.3 for MyBB 1.4)
• MyPayPal (v1.2 for MyBB 1.4)
• Extra Safety Check On Registration (v2.0 for MyBB 1.4)
• xFire [ Postbit ] (v1.5 for MyBB 1.4)
I'll be happy to test most of them. You don't have them posted here yet, do you?
judel Wrote:I'll be happy to test most of them. You don't have them posted here yet, do you?

Nope; not yet =P Waiting for a confirmation of Labrocca Wink
And MyBank changed a lil'; the interest thing works with a Task now =P Only one thing you need to pay attention too; but will add it in the readme if you don't want to loose the current MyBank points when deactivating the mybb 1.2 version =P
If you need to, I'd be happy to test some out before the 1.4 official release. I currently have a 1.4 test board up specifically for testing purposes.

Just need to wait for word from the man himself. Tongue
LeX- Wrote:Can i post the updated version of the plugins i've got already so they can be tested ? =P

Yes please go for it.
Gonna post them in here; when every release has been tested than i will make a seperated thread for it in the proper section;

They are all zipped together; the list of the plugins is a few posts up.
Install them should be easy; just upload everything like its stored in the folder. Once done; go to your Plugins section and 'Install and Activate' them.
There are only 2 plugins that need a corefile change i think =P
View Own Threads && Badwordfilter Advanced; the filechanges are at the bottom of the pluginfile.

Happy Installing ! =P

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I found a bug/missing feature with the Thread Prefixes plugin I believe:

The drop down box to select the thread prefix is missing, thus the thread can't be posted.
Nope; works fine overhere. You do have added prefixes ?
Less than 1 minute ago" />   

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