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[mod] Easy Bad Word Installer
This isn't really a plugin. It's a simple way to install 40 words in your bad words table for censorship. Instructions and the word list are in the download.

This should make setup a bit easier. Sometimes just thinking of the words takes too much time. The word list is X and R rated words. You may want to add or delete some as you see fit. Instructions are in the file.


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.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 8.61 KB / Downloads: 53)
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I added it to MyBB themes, possibly to Firefox later.
thanks you for upload this mod Smile
I like this but I had to modify the one from MyBB Mods because there was an ampersand in front of a variable and it gave an error.
Yeah I noticed that and have just fixed the download too.

Thanks I use this mod Wink
Thanks. It make life so much easier!!
I think it should be a feature in MyBB to add a quick word list (even without replacement word)
thanks alot for this

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