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Mybb Mood Mod
This mod will add a mood icon to the postbit.  
Mybb Moods Mod by Jesse Labrocca
Feb 7, 2007
Version 1.0 for Mybb(1.2x) but should work for 1.1x series as well.
License is GNU/GPL attached inside extras folder.
Screenshot is inside the extras folder as well.  

Install Instructions
Attached is a folder of 96 moods.  To have these shown in postbit follow these instructions.

1.  Upload mood images folder to root/images/moods/
2.  In admincp create a new Custom Profile Field.
   a.  Make it a "select box"
   b.  Paste the moods.txt text into the select field
   c.  I advise a required field as well otherwise you will have a blank image spot in postbit
   d.  Change other parameters to your liking
3. Edit your postbit_author_user template with the instructions below


    {$post['useravatar']}<br />

Add below (change the X of fidX to your custom profile ID for the mood i.e fid4 instead of fidX)

    <img src="images/moods/{$post['fidX']}.gif" border="0" alt="I am in a {$post['fidX']} mood" /><br />

You may actually place the mood image in any order you are want in that template.

You should now be all set. Enjoy.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   

.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 347.05 KB / Downloads: 348)
Great plugin, was looking for this (and ignore posts plugin) Smile.
Glad you have a use for both. I have other good mods too.
Great work thanks
LOL...oh, this is cute! Gotta try it! Big Grin

Well, darn, now all my current members have a red x below their avatars. Is there a query that can be run to make everyone's mood the same until they change it?

Nevermind, I found a work around! These images are great, Labrocca! Did you make them?
I can't take credit for the images...they been floating around for a while on different forum softwares.
That mod looks really good.
Yeah, my members are having fun with them too! Great idea! Big Grin Now, I want to find other images I can add!
It's a very nice Idea.

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