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Contact Form
License is GNU/GPL attached inside extras folder.

Plugin Name: Contact Form
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 2.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.2
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 3
Plugin Description: This will create a contact from to replace the mailto: for the setting "contactlink". Anywhere in your templates that contactlink is used the form is now linked. The form allows contact via PM or Email. You may also shut off the the form to guests. Captcha is also supported if you have it enabled in admincp settings for "General Configuration". If you allow guests to contact I strongly recommend you use Captcha to avoid spam. You can also assign different subjects to the messages.


1. Upload the 3 files from the zip


2. Login to your admincp and ACTIVATE the plugin (Contact Form) in the plugin manager.

3. You will see the new menu item called "Contact Form" inside admincp settings.

4. Change the settings to suit your needs. Please make sure to do this as the default email is invalid and you will need to enter it yourself.

This has FULL language support. If you wish to use non-english simply copy the contact.lang.php to your language folder and change accordingly.

DEMO: (click the contact link on the bottom left too).

Notice: If you enable PM contact and allow guests the sender will be user 1 (normally superadmin). If you want this changed you can do so easily by editing the code in /root/contact.php. It's commented where you can edit this. I did not make it a setting because I don't feel it will be changed or used much but if you do want to alter it now you know how.

Thank you.

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Testing ^^

Edit ::

BBCode + Smilies ? Or stick to the basics ? =P
Basics. Smile

It think it's really clean and does exactly what it should. Also I hate HTML emails.
Looks good. Right now I'm using one that Christian made but never released. It serves for now. Yours looks just as good, or better though.
Attached to this post is a german language file.

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Neat idea, but why does one have to post messages to get copies of these things?

All right, I downloaded and installed your Contact Page. This is quite well done, actually, although I had to fix a couple of mistakes/formatting lapses in the language module and customized it to our needs.

We have it set up at

Thanks labrocca

the "contact us" email adress acessible to robots could be a big spam party

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