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Prune Members
Hmmm...well, since I now have a test forum, I thought I'd give this a try. I do have a suggestion if you want to improve this though (and I realize you don't feel it's important and it's on the back burner). I hadn't realized there wasn't a date option and that ALL members would be pruned no matter how new/old they were. It doesn't care if the non posting member registered yesterday or a year ago, and that doesn't seem like a very good idea. Admins can't exactly go through and delete ALL their non posting members or even ALL their unactivated members. For example, I give all my members a month to activate before they are deleted. If I used this plugin, I couldn't specify that. It would prune them even if they registered that day. Big Grin
Yeah adding a date feature would be good idea. But as you's back burner stuff as MYPS has taken priority.
[b]UPDATE June 25,2007[b]
New version 1.1 released with added support for X days for lastvisit deletion. Upgrade and Changelog are within the 1.1 download.

btw....2 weeks wasnt too bad to wait. Wink

Anything else you need Judel?
LOL! I'll let you know, Labrocca! Wink Works great though! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to update it! Big Grin
No problem...was easy and if you ever read the original readme.txt you would see that I intended to add that. I am glad I waited because I so much more familiar now with MYBB and it's functions. It was rather easy to make.
And what about the records of pruned members in following tables

            // EVENTSTABLE
            // POLLVOTESTABLE
            // ATTACHTABLE
            // PMTABLE
            // THREADSTABLE
            // POLLSTABLE
            // POSTSTABLE
            // REPTABLE
            // SEARCHTABLE

Shouldn't they be deleted too ? =P
Well...that's why the deletion is only inactive or zero post members. I assume they have no events, probably no votes, certainly no attachments, most likely no PMs, certainly no threads or polls and posts..doubtful they gained any rep too.

As for search are members related to search table?

Yeah I can probably do a 100% clean of all those tables. It's a good idea but I guess that 99% of all inactive or 0 post members have almost no activity created in those tables.
labrocca Wrote:As for search are members related to search table?

Everytime you do a search, the searchaction is stored in the DB [Searchlog Table ] =P Or is that only if you an admin does a search in the ACP ?

I've made my own cause i was bored this evening =P It looks like this

[Image: prune.jpg]

Example of Print Out ( 0 Posts option selected )
[Image: prune_print.jpg]
Nice work.

Quote:Or is that only if you an admin does a search in the ACP ?

I am not sure but I don't see why searches would be logged. That's actually a weakness of mybb. If searches were logged like VB does then same searches could be repeated quickly. However mybb uses full text searching.

HOLY CRAP. I just checked the table and it does log ALL searches and forever too. No auto prune. I am contacting mybb team to complain. That's a waste of space.
I wanted to point out something I noticed! Just thought I'd mention it in case you didn't know. Once the members are pruned, they still show up in the stats. A simple recount must be done in ACP to clear them out. No big deal, but I thought I'd point it out! Big Grin

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