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Custom Usergroup Permissions
I need help sorting out the permissions for Custom Usergroups.
  • 1. I need to figure out how to get my moderators to view the forum and groups there a member of and,
    2. How to make it where user 1 is in group 1 but isn't a member of group 2. How do I make it where User 1 does not view group 2's forum since he is not a member of group 2?

    Everyone says edit the permissions but I am not sure on which ones to edit.
If you make a group for certain users to join then you would make that through User and Groups section. Once your just about done making your group just before you save it, tick the box that says 'Yes, all new join requests need to be moderated first' this will stop people from joining it.

If your wanting to make a certain Forum for only that group to access you would need to go to Forums and Posts find the section you want only that group to access, click options > permissions and edit everything there, make all the users not to be able to access it apart from that group you wanted. I would advise leaving the Administrator and staff permissions to the way they are.

Staff, moderators and administrators will be able to know what groups there in.

Hope this help'd didn't really understand your question, sorry.

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